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K2India Exhibition Space at India Design ID 2019

The Exhibition Space of K2India for India Design 2019, was created with the desire and intent to conceive and style a space where we could showcase the seamlessly merging synergy between a contemporary style and classic contemporary furniture, all juxtaposed mainly with traditional Indian artefacts and objects. The architectural lights were very high-tech as each individual light fixture could be separately controlled from a mobile phone. These were used along with the stunning Moooi Meshmatics decorative ceiling lights. The idea was to subtly and effortlessly create a space which was immediately inviting and captivating for the visitor. This space encouraged visitors to touch, feel and sit-as if it were in their own living rooms-whilst absorbing the various layered design elements of the space.

The location of the Stall in this annual Design Fair, now in its eighth year has, year after year, been unchanged. It has always been at precisely the same place. What does change dramatically are the completely different and novel concepts of each year’s interior architecture and design concepts. Repeat visitors to the ID Fairs are known to look forward to K2India’s visual surprises of the year, of their creation of the endless possibilities of design and interior architecture, like a visual sleight of the mind. In 2019, the entry had been planned from two sides where the longer length had a partially see-through partition. This had created a sense of curiosity. The open two-sided entrances appeared inviting, versus intimidating, and had created an efficient flow of visitor movement.

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