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K2India Exhibition Space at India Design ID 2020

The K2India Exhibition Space, for India Design 2020, was planned with a modern contemporary sensibility. The colours, the furniture, the objects, the lights and the art and accessories were carefully selected to create the experience of a stylish home along a beach. The idea of this space was to transport visitors to that scene and the pleasurable emotions that are evoked if one were by the ocean.
Exhibition spaces need to be emotive. While they capture attention, they also need to have a recall value to them, a mnemonic quality that the visitor takes away; and a recollection of which instantaneously brings this particular space to mind. Every corner was designed by Kohelika Kohli to be relatable and was sensitively and delicately layered to enhance the visual experience of the visitor. The colour palette- though subtle, sophisticated and soothing- was memorable.The metal accents in the armchair, the tables and the lamp fixture were all conceived and selected with deliberation, to continue the design narrative. The specially commissioned contemporary artworks on paper are by Anadya Bhadarya Bhati.

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