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KOKO is a recently established furniture brand of K2India, a New Delhi based multi-disciplinary design and architectural firm, constituted in 2010 by Kohélika Kohli and Sunita Kohli. KOKO specializes in 21st century interpretations of classical furniture and contemporary furniture designs that are sculpturesque and inspired from architectural and organic forms. K2India’s design strengths are sophisticated forms and a judicious mixture of materials and textures in their furniture. Kohélika Kohli is a prolific and passionate architect, designer and furniture maker who has been inspired by other major furniture manufacturers, particularly by many who are also architects.


Mies Van Der Rohe famously said, “A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier”. K2India brings furniture designs to fruition – from sketches on paper, to selections of wood often Juxtaposed with other materials, to creating differently and uniquely crafted textures, to the final selection of complementary hardware. Furniture styles have changed much through the centuries. K2India has often been inspired by the past; at other times their sights are firmly fixed on the future.

For architecture and design, clients come to K2India because they want their expertise, their discipline, their point of view, their ability to solve problems and their courage of conviction. Integral to K2India’s practise is selection of furniture and the excellence of their own furniture manufacture. K2India realizes, in aesthetic and concrete terms, the aspirations of their clients.